What areas do you service?

See our Service Area Map.

Green – no additional fee.
Yellow – additional fee may apply, waived for 2 or more homes in the same area on the same day.
Other – additional fee applies based on distance, please call for more information.

How long is the appointment (photo shoot) and how many pictures do I get?

homes up to 2000 sf • • 30 min – 1 hr • • 16 – 25 pictures
2000 – 4000 sf • • 45 min 1hr 30 min • • 25 – 45 pictures
4000 – 6000 sf • • 1 hr 15 min – 2 hrs • • 40 – 60 pictures
6000 sf and larger • • 1 hr 30min – 2 hrs 30 min • • 50 – 80 pictures

These are average times and photo counts. Based on the home’s features and your unique situation, your appointment may take more or less time and you may receive a different number of photos. We like to let the home “tell us” what it needs and we’ll use as many photos as necessary to showcase all the best features.

Do you have a marketing flyer I can use in my listing presentation?

Yes. Feel free to download a pdf version, or we’ll be happy to deliver some to you, just let us know.

What do I need to do before you take pictures of the home?

Please inform the homeowner that we are coming. Have them clean their home as if they were having an Open House or a Showing. Be sure front and back yards are tidy, clutter is cleared inside and out, lights are on, burned-out bulbs replaced. Do not hide items behind the beds or other furniture as we take multiple photos of every room. We may request to move some items if necessary. We ask that pets be put away for the duration of the appointment.

Do I have to meet you at the home being photographed?

We would like to meet you at our first appointment. Later, the homeowner may be present, or your representative, or if its a vacant home, we can arrange to pick up the key.

What about inclement weather?

We will call to reschedule the appointment. We prefer to take both interior and exterior photos on a nice sunny day. If it is not possible to reschedule – interior pictures may be taken during rain or snow and exterior shots will then be captured at a later date. In rare circumstances, extra fees may apply if we need to revisit the property due to inclement weather.

How soon do I get the pictures?

Usually within 3-5 days from the appointment. We strive to get them to you sooner.

How are the pictures delivered?

Electronically via email, FTP, and/or our web site download page. Please note that if you prefer a CD a small fee will apply and it will usually take a day or two longer to deliver. We’ll be happy to walk you through the download process if you need some extra help.

Are your photos copyrighted?

Yes. All our photos and designs are unique works of art and are copyrighted & may not be transferred or resold without written permission from Depict it Studio owners. Depict it Studio retains all rights.

I am listing a property that you photographed in the past. Can I take or buy the pictures from the original agent?

No. All our photos and designs are copyrighted. You may purchase the photos directly from us and we will issue a credit for new pictures to the agent who originally paid for them.

Can I use the pictures in print or in digital media (on the web, in flash or power point presentations, etc.)?

Yes. You may use the images and designs you purchased from us in print or in digital media.

Will the pictures of the home I am selling be put into a slide show for the web?

Yes. Slide Shows are FREE with the purchase of each photo package. Click here to see examples.

Can my website link to my slide show?

Yes. We provide you with the link you can post on your: website, MLS, Facebook page, company site, blog, etc…

How long will the slide show stay on the web?

Typically for 9 months, if you need an extension simply let us know. There is no extra fee for extensions.

Are you licensed to sell real estate?

No. Depict it Studio started as a graphic design company early in 2008. As clients were sending in their photos for flyers, Kathy realized that there was a real need in NWA for a professional photography service tailored to the real estate market. She started taking pictures and she loves every minute of it.

Kathy was born and raised in Poland. Since early childhood, she dreamed of becoming an artist, living in America, and making the world a more beautiful place. She attended an art school before coming to live in the United States in 1993. With years of experience in real estate sales in NJ, Kathy developed a great desire to help Realtors and soon began to realize her childhood dream.

Kathy lives in Bentonville since 2007. She has been married 19 years, has 3 amazing children, and is a member of Hope Community Bible Church, meeting at the Rogers YMCA on Sunday mornings.

What other services do you provide?

Custom graphic design including: flyers, brochures, logos, real estate signs, billboards, business cards, postcards, magazine ads, door hangers, and so much more…

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